Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Valentines Day Manicure #6 - Hearts on RdL dreamland

Hi beauties!

Todays Valentine Manicure is a little heart design that I did on Rival de Loop - dreamland.
I started off with a coat of china glaze - Techno on my middlefinger and some white hearts (china glaze - White On White) on my other fingers.
On my pinkie I added some Mavala - Liverpool in the middle of the white hearts. On my ringfinger I used LOOK by Bipa duochrome green-purple as well as on the indexfinger. Here I added a little bit of pink first.

I should have stopped at that point, But I thought that I needed a bit more for this manicure. So I added some polkadots on my index- and pinkiefinger using MAVALA - Liverpool.

I am not very happy with this manicure. I think it is too much. Only the herats would have been fine. I don't know. I will however give the hearts another chance and try something similar again.

What do you think of this design? 

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