Dienstag, 31. März 2015

Recap - March Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

It is that time of the month again... I have to decide wich were the favourite manicures I did during the last 31 days. It was not easy, but here they come: My March Favourites!

Wet 'n Wild - Dreamy Poppy with blue Polkadots (March 1st)

L'Oreal - Scarlet Vamp & Noir Whisper (March 10th)

s-he stylezone - Dotted Daisies (March 11th)

Catrice - Holo Manolo & p2 - think big! (March 27th) My Birthday Manicure
How do you like my choices? Would you have picked something different this month?

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Montag, 30. März 2015

p2 - mint flavour dots - Eastereggs

Hello Beauties!

I am back from my little Citytrip to Prague and want to start this week with a new theme. It is Easter this weekend and I would like to show you a few manicures for the season. Let's get started!
Today I want to show you p2 - mint flavour dots (021) from their new Just DREAMlike collection. Mint flavour dots is one of four effect toppers from the spring's fav nail top coat - line and contains very small white glitter hexes and medium sized mint and light green ones. Furthermore it has white irregular triangles in it. The glitter density is okay, but it is a bit hard to get them out of the bottle, because of the flat shape. For me it was okay though, because I only wanted a few highliths in my nails to make them look like Easter Eggs.

I used one coat of mint flavour dots over two layers of essence - love is in the air, wich i will show you in a separate post another time, and sealed it in with a generous coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. A few of the triangles edges still stuck out from underneath.

I really like the colour combination. This topper may look totally different layered over an other base colour and I am looking forward to try it out.

How do you like this combo? Did you try some Easter looks on your nails yet?

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Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Halfmoon Manicure

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Sunday! Are you enjoying your weekend so far? i am still in Prague, but will be back tomorrow. About three weeks ago, I did a turquoise mix and match manicure with essence - that's what I mint!. I liked the colour combination a lot and decided to use the same polishes again for this halfmoon manicure.
I started off with two layers of go bold! on all of my nails except the ringfinger where I used that's what I mint!. After this was completely dry, I put on round stickers at the base of my nails and added two coats of that's what I mint! over the golden base and two layers of kiss me, freddy ontop of the mint polish.

I then carefully removed the stickers and topcoated the manicure with Seche Vite. As you can see my mani is not perfect, but I still was happy with my first attempt of a halfmoon manicure.

With some light blue and golden rhinestones I finished this manicure off.
How do you like it? Did you do a halfmoon manicure yourself lately?

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Samstag, 28. März 2015

ANNY - midtown skyline

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend ahead of you! Today I want to share with you a polish from a brand I've nevertried before. This is ANNY - midtown skyline (383).

Midtown skyline is a turquoise creme polish with a wonderful formula. It was so easy to apply and gave me no trouble at all. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I prefer to apply two, to level out any bumps in the first coat. I really like the colour too. It gives you an instant summer feeling on your nails. Perfect for all the grey days ahead! :-)
For these swatches I did not apply a topcoat. The polish has a very glossy finish on its own.

For a little sparkle I added a layer of 244 by Black Onyi. A brand that I have never heard befor that comes from the Netherlands. It addes a pearl finish to the base colour. I think it looks so pretty and I have to do a separate post on this one soon.
I really like the combination of these two polishes, but for a summer feeling I'd recommend wearing midtown skyline alone. Maybe only with a pearl or glitter accent.

How do you like these polishes? Do you prefer the pearl finish, or the plain glossy one?

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Freitag, 27. März 2015

Catrice - LE Holomania - C01 Holo Manolo

Hello Beauties!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is my Birthday and I am currently in Prague with my finacée. As I am planning this post ahead a few days, I can only imagine, that we are having a wonderful time there, but I sure hope so! :-D
Today I want to show you two lovely polishes. Let's start with the base colour.

This is the gorgeous catrice - Holo Manolo from their Holomania Limited Edition. Holo Manolo is a holographic silver creme polish. Application was very easy, because the formula is excellent and so is the flat brush with the rounded tip. With two coats this polish is fully opaque.

This polish is such a beauty! Unfortunately the sun wasn't out the day I took the pictures so the holo shimmer is not that well visible in these pictures. In nature it is so much prettier.

under LED light
I have read somewhere, that holo polishes may show all their gorgeousness under water so guess what I did... I held my hand under water and took a few pictures. Well, I can't say, that there is much of that shimmer visible, but I still like the pics. All these bubbles look really cool. :-)

And as you know, i sometimes go a little overboard with my pictures and can not decide wich ones to keep afterwards, but since it is my Birthday, I thought why not keep them all for a change?

I decided to add a layer of p2 - think big! to my nails for a bit more colour. I love this sparkly combination. The blue glitter really compliments the holo polish.

How do you like this combination? Isn't it lovely and perfect for the season?

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