Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Shopping in Munich - Polish Haul

Hello nail polish lovers!

Those of you who follow me on twitter may know, that I went shopping yesterday. I think I went a little crazy with the polish shopping, but it was totally not my fault... There were just too many pretty things and so many were on sale! :-D
So you see I had no choice. I had to by all those beauties! Let's start with the essence polishes: you can see all of them in my essence polish index too!
beijos de brazil - that's what i mint! - let's get lost - it's raining men!
be berry now! - happy end - candy love
 It's hot stuff - sweet at first sight - the heat is on
baby, you're a firework - glitz & glam - glitterbomb - bejeweled - laser show
magnetic topcoat - holo topcoat (let stars rain down on me! 25)
 magnetic pen and magic 3D magnets
 catrice: Keep Pool (49) - Orango Bloom (47) - Earnie & Birdy (05)
 catrice Million Brillance:
Blue Skyfall (02) - My Big Green Wedding (08) - Plum Fiction (05)
 Artdeco: Chrome 04 - Magnetic 36 & 39

 These mini Misslyn polishes only have numbers on them. The names are no longer visible. But I will research them for when I'm doing swatches on them:
312 - 18 - 605
 Yves Rocher minis: Vert Canard - Brun Cuivré - Corail Givré - Cerise Noir 
p2: royal beauty (240) - go crazy! (070)
 p2 Color Victim:
rock it! (623) - artful (620) - final countdown (624) - can't get enough! (691)
 Maybelline Color Show - Wine Shimmer (265)
I also bought this nail oil and a tip whitener.
All in all this was 40 polishes and some extras. Quite a successful shopping trip!

Do you like my new beauties? Any favourites?

As always I will link back to the colours once I have done swatches and reviews.

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