Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Mavala - Liverpool & Polkadots for Valentines Day (#1)

Hello everyone! 

As I said before I am planning to do a little Valentine-Design series from 1st to 14th of February and this is going to be number 1!
For todays Valentines Day Manicure (#1) I chose a simple one. I think it is amazing what you can get with so little. A few dots and some glitter and you have a great manicure.
I'll show you step by step wich polishes I used.
As my base colour I used MALAVA - Liverpool, wich is a light grey creme polish. It was opaque in two coats and very easy to apply.
Next I took a dotting tool to create red polkadots on my ringfinger and thumb. You can use any red you like. I used Maybelline New York - Forever Strong - Cherry Sin (501).

For this manicure I tried to make the dots even, but if you prefer you can do them irregular.
If you are happy with the way this looks you can apply a topcoat to seal it in, or you can put on some glitter like I did for some sparkle. I would recommend using a polish with microglitter, so your dots will not get covered, but if you like junky glitters better take them instead. Use whatever you like best!
First I only applied china glaze - Fairy Dust to my dotted nails (above) but then I decided to do it on all my fingers (below).
I was lucky to catch some sunlight to show you the beautiful sparkle this manicure has.

I am quite happy with the way this turned out. I think the combination of grey, red and some glitter is very pretty and totally wearable for Valentines Day!

How do you like this combo? 

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