Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

essence - girls night out & Valentines Design #4

Hello everyone!

For todays Valentines Manicure I have something with hearts to share with you.
I started using tow coats of essence colour & go - girls night out, wich is a very bright pink/magenta creme polish with a silvery, pearl-like shimmer. Application was easy and I had no cleaning up to do. I just love the wide flat brushes that come with essence polishes. 

Girls night out dried fast and to a glossy finish and I started my design with adding some golden glitter hearts to each finger. I really like it that way and you might stop at this point and seal it in with topcoat.

But I was feeling adventurous that day and added a few rhinestones as a french tip to my ringfinger. I used rosé, pink and purple ones.

And then I went crazy and put on some more! A green and orange heart plus one rhinestone to all my other fingers.

As I said before, I could have stopped at any time to get a cute Valentines Day Manicure, but I am quite happy I didn't. I like the way this turned out. Girls night out is a very pretty polish that I would wear on it's own too. I usually am not the type to wear plain pink polish, but this one I could make an exception for!

How do you like this design? Do you like to wear pink nailpolish?

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