Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Maybelline - White Dream & p2 - Lost In Glitter - start wild!

Hello Beauties!

 I hope you are all well and having a wonderful week so far. Today I want to show you a simple springtime glitter manicure done with a baeuty from my Maybelline Collection.

I started off with two coats off Maybelline Express Finish - White Dream (15), wich is a snowwhite creme polish with a pearly shimmer. As you can see it is a bit sheer and there is still some VNL. The formula of White Dream is good and easy to apply. It is a pity that the brush of this polish is so small and round. I have other Maybellines that have a broad flat brush, that would not have caused so many brushstrokes to appear. Still this is a wonderful polish and I would use it again any time!

After this was dry, wich was only about a minute for each coat, I applied two coats of p2 - Lost In Glitter - start wild! (030).
Start wild! is a green glitter polish with a lot of small hexagonal green pieces of glitter. But also it has a few medium seized hexes in iridescent green in it, that pop out and sparkle very pretty. It is easy to apply and not gooey or runny. For me two coats were just fine. The glitter density is good, but if you'd want coverage I recommend another polish.

I really like this combination. It reminds me of grass growing when there is still some snow.

What about you? Are you a fan of glitter polish?

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