Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Happy Bee-Day! Bee Design on Catrice - Earnie & Birdy

Hello Beauties!

Spring is near and I simply had to do a funny and sunny manicure. I am really looking forward to the warmer weather and the beautiful colours of blooming flowers and trees.

I started this manicure with two coats of NYX - White to make my yellow pop up even brighter. I then added two layers of catrice - Earnie & Birdy (05). This bright yellow creme polish has a wonderful formula and is very easy to apply due to the flat brush with a rounded tip. It dries quickly and has a glossy finish. For these swatches I did not use a topcoat.

Using a small dotting tool I created a line across my nails with essence - the black cat. With a fine nailart brush I painted a bee shape on my indexfinger, added wings and srtipes and filled the wings with white. A small white dot with a little black one make the eye. You could use topcoat to seal your design in. I did not because I used a matte black polish and liked the way it looked on the glossy yellow.

I could not resist and went crazy placing my little bee on to my orchids for some snaps.

To have the flowers with me all the time I added some dotted red flowers with an orange center to my nails. Unfortunately they never turn out the way I like, but that's okay. :-)

Here is what I used: plus a dotting tool and a fine nail art brush.
Earnie & Birdy - the black cat - White - Wine Shimmer - Orango Bloom

I think they are totally cute! And pretty simple to do actually. If you want me to do a tutorial, let me know!

How do you like my little bee design? 

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  1. OMG Such a pretty nail design. You're very creative, I'll def try this out soon <3
    Thanks for sharing, love!


    1. Hi Chrisylla, thank you so much!
      I hope you have fun trying this manicure. it was a lot of fun for me!
      Let me know when you do please! :-D
      Have a lovely day

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