Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Battle of the Whites

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a few white polishes. I usually use china glaze - White On White as a base for light coloured nailpolish, but it always is so streaky. Now I am looking for another white to use instead. I applied two coats each for these swatches.

Maybelline - White Dream & Pearly White & Marshmallow - essence - give me nude, baby!
The Maybelline polishes all have a pearly shimmer and are quite sheer. There is not much difference in colour. With two coats there is still quite a bit VNL.
Same goes for the essence polish. It has a few specks of microglitter in an offwhite very sheer creme polish. 
These polishes are all too sheer to be used as a base.
Next I tried:
NYX - White - s-he stylzone - 120 - BeYu Nail Color 6 - OPI - Angel with a Leadfoot
The s-he stylezone is not opaque enough as a base, but the others would all work fine. I think that I will use NYX - White Blanc in the future. It went on best and gave good coverage in one layer.
Do you also have that many white nailpolish?

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  1. Great post! I have a couple of whites but have never found a perfect creme white opaque that leaves no strikes or brushstrokes :/

    1. Thanks so much Natalia!
      Same here! I have always just been using china glaze - White On White out of convenience, because it was handy, but did not really like it. The NYX is way better and I am glad I did this post!


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