Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

b.pretty - the big chrome theory & Fimo Flowers Valentines Day Mani #12

Hello everybody!

For todays Valentines Day Manicure I used b.pretty - the big chrome theory from my Christmas Shopping Haul.
The big chrome theory is a lilac chrome nailpolish with a satin-matte finish. The application was easy and the polish was fully opaque in two coats. I did not use a base or topcoat for the swatches below.

There are a few visible brushstrokes, but they don't run as deep as they often do with metallic polishes. I think it is okay and I did not want to ruin this gorgeous finish by applying a topcoat.
As an accent I applied three fimo flowers to my ringfinger. For this I had to use a topcoat, to make them stick. I should probably have waited longer with doing this, because the colour started wrinkling around the flowers. And as you can see the topcoat I used for fixation changed the finish of the big chrome theory to a metallic finish, wich I am not that fond of.

I like this polish a lot. The colour is gorgeous and quite similar to essence - pink&proud only with a different finish. 

How do you like the fimo flowers? Are you a fan of metallic or do you prefer the satin finish?

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