Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Purple Gradient & Orchids - Valentines Day Manicure #7

Hello everyone!

Today I chose a purple gradient manicure to be #7 in my Valentines Day Mani Mini Series.
I started this manicure with a white base. I used two coats of china glaze - White On White.

I then sponged on a gradient using these three Maybelline Express Finish polishes:
Acid Plum - Pastel Purple - Fuchsia Fun

I know this is not perfect and I should have used a pink base instead, but I am happy with the result of this sponging. Usually it looks worse... :-D I then added a coat of china glaze - Fairy Dust to my nails for some sparkle!

Above: Indoors with a flash. Below: Outdoors with direct sunlight.

Since these nails went perfectly with my Orchids I took a few shots. Sometimes the angle is a bit weired, but the colours were just too good together to leave any picture out.

I am very happy with this gradient manicure and I really love the colours!

How do you like this purple gradient? Did you enjoy my Valentines Manis so far?

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