Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Astor - Quick'n Go - Caribbean Sea 325

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good start into the new week. Today I want to show you an Astor nailpolish. This is 325 - Caribbean Sea from the Kisses From Mexico Collection (2014).

Caribbean Sea is a bright turquoise creme polish that dries to a glossy finish. I really like this vibrant colour a lot, but the formula of this polish was not the best. I had a lot of trouble handeling it, because it was so runny. No matter how careful I was, this polish caused flooding in my cuticle area and along the side walls. It was easy to remove though with an orange stick and a brush dipped in polish remover as long as it was still wet. This was only for a few seconds, because it dries pretty quickly. After that it was a pain in the ***. With two coats this polish was opaque.
As an accent I applied a layer of etos - Matt Velvet Nail Polish - blue to my ringfinger. I bought this when I was in the Netherlands a few months ago. This polish also has a consistency that needs getting used to. Contrary to the Astor polish the etos polish has a thick gooey formula that tends to get streaky when you apply it too thin. Maybe this is because it dries very fast. But the colour is worth any trouble. It totally reminds me of bluejeans with that soft silver shimmer and the velvet matte finish. Love it!

I was happy with this combination so far, but it was missing something. So guess what I did!? Yes, I added some glitter. China glaze - Fairy Dust is my go to in these situations. I applied one coat to my turquoise nails and it felt right!

Here comes the next bad news for Caribbean Sea: Even though I used a base coat this polish stained my nails pretty badly. When you look closely, you can see that even my skin was turquoise after removal. I had to scrub a long time to get my fingers clean.
This is so sad, because I really like the colour a lot. Maybe it will work on a white base. I have to try.

How do you like todays polishes? Are these colours something you would like to wear?

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