Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

essence - the black cat & awesome blossom

Hello again everyone!

After my first post on my new essence polishes this morning, I want to show you two of them on my nails. First is the black cat.
I used two coats of the black cat to get full coverage. The formula is great and went on smoothly. It dried pretty quick to a latex matte finish. I think that it looks great.

I then applied a layer of awesome blossom. This glitterpolish has a shimmery jelly base and is packed with white and baby pink hexes in different sizes.
Application on this polish was also easy, although it is a bit gooey wich is no wonder with all that glitter.

Just for fun I added a second coat of awesome blossom. I was hoping that the rosy shimmer would be visible better, but I guess you would need some sunlight pictures to capture all of that polishes beauty.

In my opinion one coat of awesome blossom is enough. Maybe on a lighter basecolour you would need to use two coats.

What do you think about these two? 

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