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essence - thermo effect - it's hot stuff Valentines Day Mani #10

Hello Beauties!

Todays Valentines Manicure is the gorgeous essence - it's hot stuff No.03 of their thermo effect nailpolishes. I only got it recently in this haul.
The formula of this polish is excellent and gave me no trouble at all. Application was easy and the polish was fully opaque in the recommended two coats. I topped it off with Seche Vite so it dried very fast. I can not tell you how long it would take without a topcoat.
When you first apply this polish it is a beautiful dark purple wich starts fading into a bright pink once your nails start warming up. This makes something like a gradient on your nails. The warmer it gets, the more pink they get. Depending on the length of your nails the tips will most likely stay purple (at least in winter with the cooler temperatures).

 If you want to see the effects better or on your whole nail at once you can play around with water. And that's what I did next! You can still see the water droplets.
cold water
hot water
hot water & cold water on the middelfinger
I really love this polish. Both colours are beautiful and wearable on their own, but the combination is so pretty. I just can't stop playing around with my nails. I'm always touching something cold or rubbing them to get hot again... This is simply fun!
For Valentines Day this polish will give you something to play with together. When your hands get cold, your boyfriend can warm them up and turn you pink again! ;-D

How do you like this essence polish? Do you own any thermo effect nailpolish? 

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