Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

Maybelline - Ruffian Manicure for Valentines Day #11

Hello Everyone!

For todays Valentines Day Manicure I want to show you my first ever attempt on a ruffian manicure!
I started my manicure with a Maybelline base coat and two coats of Mauve Diamonds, wich is a lovely mauve creme polish with a pearl shimmer finishfrom the Maybelline Express Finish Line. I applied this in a hurry and it took me only about 10 minutes to paint my nails (including base and top coat). Hence the mediocre result.

As a base for a ruffian manicure it was alright though. I decided to put on Maybellines Violet Village as my second colour to create this freehand ruffian manicure.
Violet Village is a blueish purple creme polish with a soft shimmer. Application was easy and the brush was perfect for doing this design. It looked round, but fanned out to a flat brush on the nail. One coat would have been enough for opayity, but I decided to do a second one to get a clearer edge.

 As a finish I added a baby pink rhinestone to the tip of my ringfinger and a lilac one to the base.
The next thay I went a little nuts and did a - let me call it - double-ruffian manicure. :-)
Using p2 - go crazy! I added another partly layer of polish. I don't think that I would wear this for a longer time. I mean it looks kind of funny, but it's not quite for me. 

Well, I was pretty happy with the result of my first ruffian manicure. I like how the two colours look together. The double-ruffian was an experiment and did not really wow me.

What do you think? 

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