Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

L'Oreal - Resist & Shine Titanium Pearl Bronze & RdL

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a nude-gold L'Oreal polish. 
This is two coats of Pearl Bronze (305) without a basecoat. I have been wearing this before on a Maybelline base coat and it got bubbles... I was very disappointed but wanted to give it another try.

Pearl Bronze is a nude metallic polish with a golden pearly shimmer. The first coat went on streaky, but it leveled out with the second coat. This time it only got a few bubbles on the middlefinger, that were hardly visible. I really am not sure if that had something to do with the basecoat I used last time. I never had a problem like this with any other polish.
I am happy, that I gave Pearl Bronze another chance. The colour is very pretty. But I am not the biggest fan of metallics, so I decided to put on a glitter topcoat for some sparkle.
I used a polish I recently bought in Hamburg. (See the haul here.) This is one coat of Rival de Loop Young - Queen of the Night - 04 Dancing Diva.
Dancing diva has a jelly base packed with loads of golden and rose gold medium sized glitter and lots of microglitter. I think it is a very pretty glitter topper. Unfortunately the rose gold doesn't show that much in the pictures.

As I said befor I am happy I gave it another try. The colour is beautiful although it doesn't fit my skintone that well and I like it more with the glitter on top.

What do you think about this manicure? 

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