Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

Recap - February Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

I really enjoyed doing my January Favourites last month and thought that I should make this a tradition and do it by the end of every month. So here come my four picks:

Happy Bee-Day from Feb. 26:
Purple Rain & silver stamping from Feb. 14:
A hint of love and ladybugs from Feb. 3:
Mint Apple & Polkadots from Feb. 27:
I hope you enjoyed this little best of as much as I did!
There were so many great designs on the blog this month I hardly could decide wich ones to put up here.

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Wet n Wild - Sunny Side Up

Hello Beauties!

This is going to be quite a short post on Wet n Wild - Sunny Side Up.
Sunny Side Up is a sheer dark yellow creme polish with a glossy finish. It really does remind me a bit of egg yolks... Wich is a weired thing to have on your nails. So let's think of it as sunflowers! The formula was good. A bit thin, but manageable. I had to use three coats though too get good coverage.
The polish did dry quickly to a glossy finish with no need of topcoat for these swatches.
I like this beautiful sunny colour a lot. Totally makes me think of summer.

Do you like it? Are you a fan of Wet n Wild?

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Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Sinful Colors - Mint Apple & Polkadots

Hello everyone!

I can not believe that this is my 100th post already! I was pretty active the last couple of weeks. Since you only reach 100 posts once, I want to show you something special:

This manicure is inspired by my friend Melissa over at Posh Nails. In the header of her blog she has a picture of a gorgeous dotted manicure with rhinestones and I fell in love with it the minute I layed eyes on this picture. I changed the colours, but the design is the same. Here is what I came up with:
For this design I did not use a base coat. I started off with a layer of Barry M - Nude. On my ring- and indeyfinger I applied a second layer, because the bottom of the nail would be visible. I then covered my thumb, middle- and pinkiefinger with two coats of Sinful Color - Mint Allpe (947). Application of this polish was pretty easy. The formula is excellent and the colour is gorgeous. It is a rich mint with a bit of a silver shimmer.
On my ring- and indexfinger I also out on Mint Apple, but I only covered the upper half of the nail diagonally. After this was dry wich took a few minutes, I applies some large polkadots to my nails with OPI - Amazon... Amazoff. I can not say much about the formula of this polish except that it dries quite fast. As I was applying it to my thumb it started to get streaky. 
Amazon...Amazoff is a greenish petrol creme polish with a glossy finish. This colour is very beautiful and I have to try it on it's own soon!
With white rhinestones I covered up the line between Mint Apple and my nude polish. To make them stick I applied a thin layer of top coat along that line.

Above pictures were taken indoors with a flash. The ones below were taken outdoors without a flash.

This manicure is pretty easy to do. The hardest part for me was to draw a straight diagonal line. I only realised later, that it was not that important to get it done perfectly. It is getting covered with rhinestones anyway... :-D On my other hand the dots were a bit tricky, because my left hand is always shaking when I try to work accurate. Wich means that the dots are not as even as they are here, but it still looks good. So no worries!
I think this is such a cute manicure. You can do it in any colour you like.

What do you guys think about it?

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Battle of the Whites

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a few white polishes. I usually use china glaze - White On White as a base for light coloured nailpolish, but it always is so streaky. Now I am looking for another white to use instead. I applied two coats each for these swatches.

Maybelline - White Dream & Pearly White & Marshmallow - essence - give me nude, baby!
The Maybelline polishes all have a pearly shimmer and are quite sheer. There is not much difference in colour. With two coats there is still quite a bit VNL.
Same goes for the essence polish. It has a few specks of microglitter in an offwhite very sheer creme polish. 
These polishes are all too sheer to be used as a base.
Next I tried:
NYX - White - s-he stylzone - 120 - BeYu Nail Color 6 - OPI - Angel with a Leadfoot
The s-he stylezone is not opaque enough as a base, but the others would all work fine. I think that I will use NYX - White Blanc in the future. It went on best and gave good coverage in one layer.
Do you also have that many white nailpolish?

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Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Happy Bee-Day! Bee Design on Catrice - Earnie & Birdy

Hello Beauties!

Spring is near and I simply had to do a funny and sunny manicure. I am really looking forward to the warmer weather and the beautiful colours of blooming flowers and trees.

I started this manicure with two coats of NYX - White to make my yellow pop up even brighter. I then added two layers of catrice - Earnie & Birdy (05). This bright yellow creme polish has a wonderful formula and is very easy to apply due to the flat brush with a rounded tip. It dries quickly and has a glossy finish. For these swatches I did not use a topcoat.

Using a small dotting tool I created a line across my nails with essence - the black cat. With a fine nailart brush I painted a bee shape on my indexfinger, added wings and srtipes and filled the wings with white. A small white dot with a little black one make the eye. You could use topcoat to seal your design in. I did not because I used a matte black polish and liked the way it looked on the glossy yellow.

I could not resist and went crazy placing my little bee on to my orchids for some snaps.

To have the flowers with me all the time I added some dotted red flowers with an orange center to my nails. Unfortunately they never turn out the way I like, but that's okay. :-)

Here is what I used: plus a dotting tool and a fine nail art brush.
Earnie & Birdy - the black cat - White - Wine Shimmer - Orango Bloom

I think they are totally cute! And pretty simple to do actually. If you want me to do a tutorial, let me know!

How do you like my little bee design? 

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Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Amazon Haul

Hello lovelies!

About two weeks ago I purchased a few polishes online at Amazon. You have seen some of them in previous posts. I just did not have time to post this earlier. So here we go:
These two three-packs were on sale, because they were made for the Fussball WM 2014 in Brazil. I purchased Brazil and England/France.
Urban Turquoise - Electric Yellow - Ocean Blue -- Marinho - Marshmallow - Power Red
On the back of each pack you find the instructions on how to create the countries flag on your nails.

And here is a little surprise for you: I've purchased Electric Yellow and Blue Ocean before and now they are in my collection twice. So I thought this would be a nice way to give back to my supporters and followers. I will launch a giveaway once I've reached 100 twitter followers that will include these two and a bit more. If you are not following me yet, do that for a chance to win and tell your friends! 
You can find me on twitter @newpolishlover .

I also purchased a few Wet n Wild polishes. Above you can see Steel the show. Below are some polishes from their fastdry line.
Furthermore I bought two L'Oreal top coats: Matte & Gold Lurex. And some stuff for stamping: Konad stamper, scraper and plate m81 and 3 stampingpolishes.
Do you by your polish and nail art supplies online?

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