Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Maybelline New York - Polish Collection

Hello lovelies!

Since Valentines Day is knocking on our doors I decided to show you my Maybelline New York Polish Collection that contains a lot of suitable pink and red polishes. All in all I own 31 Maybelline polishes. On the display you can see 28 of them, because I did not apply the transpatent base and the ridgefilling base here. And also I have to pearly whites, that are the same. Only difference is, tht one is an express finish polish that dries in 40 seconds and the other one is from the super stay line.

Sweet Rose -Ivory Rose - Rose Rush - Pastel Rose - Pearly White - White Dreams - Smoothing Base Coat
Silver Plum - Golden Brown -Mocha - Rosy Sand - Rose Poudré - Gold All Night - Porcelain
Couture Orange - Fuchsia - Tribepink - Fuchsia Fun - Acid Plum -Pastel Purple
Violet Village - Cherry Diamonds - Red Seduction - Cherry Sin - Deep Red - Cherry  - Passionate Red
Transparent - Green Miracle - Midnight Blue
I will link all the used polishes back here, once I did swatches and reviews.

Hope you like my collection! :-D

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