Montag, 2. Februar 2015

essence - free hugs, pixie dust & lovely, maybe - Valentines Day (#2)

Hi everybody!

Todays post is the second one of my Valentines Day Manicure mini series. Let me show you what we're going for and then step by step how I got there! (see all polishes here.)

First I picked a baby pink base colour namely essence - free hugs, that I applied in two coats.

If you are a fan of pink nails I can really recommend this creme polish. It has a good formula and will give you no trouble applying. For me it went on smoothly and was opaque in two thin coats.
I personally can't stand pink nails on their own and had to do something else too.
That is why I put on essence - pixie dust. On the bottle it says this is a holo shimmer polish.

First I only put on one layer, but I did not catch fire. The praised holo was missing. I only got the shimmer part on my nails. 

But I do not give up that easy and tried putting on a second coat as recommended. I still can't see the holo part... :-( Don't get me wrong, I think this is a beautiful polish and gives a wonderful shimmer to any polish (btw I think one coat is enough for that), but it is missing the holo-part. Maybe sunlight would bring that out. I'll give it a try soon!

For a perfect Valentines Day finish I applied one layer of essence - lovely, maybe with some additional dabbing to cover bald spots to my nails. This effect polish has a pinkish shimmery jelly base full of white, pink and some purple glitter in different sizes.
For this manicure the application of pixie dust was not really necessary, but one is always wiser in the end, right? :-)
Anyhow I am happy with the result and hope you like it too.

Do you use essence polishes? How do you like todays Valentines Manicure?

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  1. I like the combination you made. Now , I remember that I have the glitter top coat too. Maybe I will try this combination too! Thank you for the idea!

    1. Any time Andrea! I always look for inspiration on other blogs too so it is fantastic to know that I can inspire others as well! :-D


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