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essence Polish-Index

Hi everyone!

Today I want to show you an index of all my essence polishes and top coats. I decided to catalogue them and it took quite a while to do it right.

I couldn't believe, that I had 58 different shades of essence polish! (clear base and top coats not included!) See for yourself:

I have lots and lots of glitter polishes and top coats.
But also a variety of different colours.
I just could not get them to look lined-up straight in the picture... The pamorama shot made that impossible!
Here is a list:
I will link back to the colours once I've done swatches and reviews.

01-pixie dust (holo shimmer)
02-baby, you're a firework (sparkling sugar)
02-circus confetti (3D effect)
03-glitz&glam (twinkling bling bling)
05-sugar pie, honey bunch -6in1 nail candies
06-party in a bottle (glitter jewels)
10-glitterbomb (glitter jewels)
11-party crasher (glitter jewels)
12-bejeweled (holo jewels)
13-laser show (polka dots)
14-flash powder (sparkling sugar)
15-underwater love (sparkling sugar)
16-lovely,maybe (twinkling bling bling)
17-never stop dancing (twinkling bling bling)
18-that's my pop cake! (electric feathers)
19-gold fingers (electric feathers)
19-bird of paradise (feather effect)
20-hidden garden (twinkling bling bling)
21-get the party started (twinkling stars)
21-icy fairy (twinkling bling bling)
22-i *heart* magic (holo graphics)
22-black dress and white tie (101 dalmations)
23-rock my world (galaxy flakes)
24-party never ends (PARTY jewels)
25-holo topcoat
26-awesome blossom (twinkling bling bling)
29-i don't need money, honey! (liquid foil)
30-lady mermaid (liquid foil)
32-the black cat (latex matt)
101-jewels in the pool (glitter jewels)
102-sparkling water lily
103-space queen
111-english rose
113-do you speak love?
114-fame fatal
128-let's get lost
132-break through
144-black is back
152-give me nude,baby!
156-me & my lover (sparkle sand effect)
164-crazy fancy love
167-candy love
170-beijos de brazil
173-over the rainbow
174-purple sugar
176-headphones on!
177-happy end
180-it's raining men!
187-juicy love
188-dare to kiss (the satin)
189-new york city call (the satin)
190-kiss me, freddy
191-love is in the air
193-best dressed
194-little lila town
195-you wow'd me again
196-i *heart* my blue jeans (the suede)
197-caramel brownie
come to Town-01-the most wonderful tree (lametta topper)
come to Town-01 NAUGHTY OR NICE?-coral
come to Town-01 NAUGHTY OR NICE?-purple
come to Town-01 NAUGHTY OR NICE?-gold topper
come to Town-02 GOT MY LIST?-grey
come to Town-02 GOT MY LIST?-pink
come to Town-02 GOT MY LIST?-silver topper
like an unforgettable kiss-02 always on my mint
thermo effect - 03 - It's hot stuff
thermo effect - 04 - the heat is on
THE PASTELS - 04 - sweet at first sight
THE PASTELS - 05 - yummy gummy
THE PASTELS - 06 - sparkles in a bottle
Cinderella LE - 01 - Sing Sweet Nightingale
Cinderella LE - 02 - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
Cinderella LE - 03 - Prince Charming
Cinderella LE - 04 - Watch Out Lady Tremaine!
Cinderella LE - 01 - The Glass Slipper (glitter topper)

update (27.01.2015): 2 more
update (05.02.2015): 15 more
update (18.02.2015): 6 more
update (5.03.2015): 5 more

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