Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

July 4th Manicures pt.1

Hello Loves!

As you know I am from Germany, but I still wanted to do something to celebrate the 4th of July with all the Americans out there. The colours are just great and call for some manicures! I was actually planning to post one 4th of July manicure every day from July 1st-4th, but I just couldn't make it those past two days so I will show you two manicures today and two tomorrow. Lets get started with an interpretation of the American Flag.
I started painting my nails red with a blue accent on my indexfinger (essie - mezmerised).
The red I used is Douglas Absolute - Anna (02), a gorgeous, luscious deep red with an amazing formula and wonderful coverage. It was almost opaque in one coat, but for perfect coverage I used a second coat.

 Using a dotting tool and some white nail polish with good coverage, I added small dots to my blue nail to represent the stars. With a fine nail art brush I added white stripes across my red nails. And there we have it - a stars and stripes flag manicure.

 I then added a bit of china glace - Fairy Dust for some sparkle. The striped nails kind of remind me of candy canes. Imagine the stripes were diagonally...
My freehand nail art skills still lack quite a bit of precision and so the stripes are not as even as they should be, but I still like the outcome.

Have you done any 4th of July manicures or are you planning to do one tomorrow?

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