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Polish Shopping in Salzburg

Hello Beauties!

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that I went to visit my family in Austria last week and that I love shopping for some new polishes. Every time I leave the country and travel, I can not resist buying a lot of polish. Some of them I could get here in Munich too, but others are not sold here so I usually end up buying a bit more than I actually need, but who knows when I get the next chance to grab it, right? ;-)
So don't call me crazy, but this time I bought 27 bottles of nail polish! But as you can see some of them were on sale so it wasn't that bad, was it?

Here is a brand that isn't sold in Germany (or at least not around where I live) even though it is from the same drugstore chain I usually shop at. But they seem to sell different products in different countries. The brand is called s-he stylezone and I got six lovely new shades. As I always say with these polishes: Unfortunately they only have numbers no names. I love polish names. Sometimes I buy a polish only because the name is so cute and the colour is mediocre. But since I have only numbers availabel - here they come!
282 - 295 - 291 - 030 - 210 - 181

Next up are these Limited Edition holographic catrice polishes that I have not seen in stores here. I got the blueish Holo my Hand (C15) and the greyis-purple Harlem's Holo Shake (C03). Both look amazing in the bottle and I can't wait to try these soon!

And here are the polishes that were on sale. According to the bottles they all are matte or satin matte. The cute yellow polish is from catrices Rock-O-Co Limited Edition and is called Soleil À Solitude (C03). The otheres are Luxury Vintage polishes by the names 
Polaroid Promises (06) - Minty Memories (04) - Get Boho In SoHo (05).

I am so happy with the next few polishes I am about to present to you. I've been meaning to go to a kiko store for a while now, but there only is one at the opposite side of the city and I didn't want to go to that mall just for some polishes. So I was really excited when I discovered a store in Salzburg/Austria while I was strolling through town (actually a mall) with my mom last week. And she helped my pick out these polishes from a huge selection of colours. I usually don't get too many sparkly polishes, but my mom liked those better than their non sparkling counterparts so three of my six picks are glittering.
On the bottles they only have numbers and I was like meehhh in the store, but I looked up the names online (and what euphonious names they are!) and proudly present them to you! 

Apple Red (240) - Dark Carmine Red (287) - Pearly Vanda Burgundy (495) - 
Pearly Indian Violet (497) - Pearly Green Butterfly (531) - Pearly Blue Peacock (530)

Here are my new LOOK by BIPA polishes. The Colour Explosion line was new to me and I decided to get these three shades:
total taupe (9) - blue bomb (3) - crazy green (2)

Furthermore I bought three shades from the Nail quickie line wich I have tried before and always liked a lot.
bloody pink (40) - OLD RED (51) - ICED SPEARMINT (50)
The first one is from the older line (it still has a name in lowercase letters) the other two are from a newer line and advertise a new brush on the bottle. They also have their name spelled in capital letters only. I can not tell you if there is a difference in the formula as well, but will do so when I try them!

This is true love (10) from the new essence the gel nail polish line wich was sold out in stores around here when I last checked and so I picked it up in Austria.

Last but not least I want to show you these two glitter toppers. Left we have a L'Oreal Arty Confetti Top Coat by the name Origami (931) and on the right side is Oh My Gosh - Ocean Club (037).

And a final look for you!

I am totally in love with all these polishes and am looking forward to painting my nails with all of them.

Have you bought any new polishes lately? Do you have a favourite of my picks?

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  1. OMG, you lucky girl! You bought such lovely polishes..and I have to mention that I don't found you crazy, I find it totally normal because I can not resist either when it comes to polishes! I am curious about Minty Memories Catrice, it looks stunning in the bottle and the green KIKO...well, it is obvious that I am a green polish fan :)) I am very anxious to see some new manicures from you, done with these beauties!

    1. Dear Andrea, thank you for your lovely comment! Thank God I am not the only polish shopping addict around! 😁
      I have already painted my nails with the kiko green glitter and will show them soon!
      Spoiler: It's gorgeous! 😜
      xo, Pia

  2. Soon, I'll be going to italy and I guess I'll be doing such a haul too ^^

    You have such beautiful polishes. Can't wait to see them on your nails ^^

    Nail Art in Wonderland

    1. Me neighter! I love them all.
      Have a wonderful time in Italy and enjoy your holidays! Happy polish shopping!
      xo, Pia


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