Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

ON SALE - Polish Haul

Hello Beauties!

While I was shopping for a birthday present for my mum this week, I discovered, that there were many polishes on sale in the drugstore. I could not resist buying a bunch of them! Here is a quick overview.

Catrice Luxury Lacqueres - Liquid Metal - 07 Be My Mermaid, 06 LilacLike and Million Brilliance - 03 Let's Get Lost In Vegas. The Liquid Metal polishes have a matte finish. These were all 50% off.
Misslyn mini polishes 304 & 350 (no names on the bottle and Satin Metal - edgy (11F). These were 20%-25% off.
These Beauties I bought at their regular price. They are from the p2 Beyond Lagoon LE and I was lucky to still get them. I almost missed this wonderful collection. I got 
underwater blue - seaweed green - atlantis purple
The folder has such lovely pictures in it, I just had to show you some!
This amazing OPI polish was 25% off. It still was 12€, but I had layed eyes on this beauty a while ago and could not restist. This is Go with the Lava Flow from the current Hawaii collection spring/summer 2015.
This is the only catrice polish I bought regular. the others were all 50% off. This is a new colour and is called It's A Very Berry Bash (94). And here are the others:

Blurred Limes (80) - Emerald Bay (78) - MRS. Flashdance (77)
C U At Limessquare (76) - Mint The Gap (63) - Auber-Genious (72)
Inner Purple Of Trust (53) - Where is my Ferrari (52) - Have An Ice Day (03 Million Styles Effect)
And some swatches of all my new catrice polishes including the glitters from the top.

I am so happy with my new polishes and will start swatching them when I am back from my trip to Austria. I hope I will find some great bargains there too! :-D

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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