Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

s-he stylezone - 296 & Flower Accent With 030 & 181

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to show you the first polish from my shopping trip in Salzburg. This is s-he stylezone 296. I was so sunken into polishing my nails, that I totally forgot to swatch it before I painted the accents, but I guess you can still see enough of this Beauty even with the flowers on! 
I picked this polish up because I really liked the way it looks in the bottle. You can see that it is a dark grey with a lot of shimmer. Often this shimmer doesn't show on the nails no matter how intense it is in the bottle, but not with this baby. With the first coat I was a bit worried that might happen, but as soon as I added the second one I was satisfied with my choice!

Comparing the pictures above wich were taken indoors with a flash and the ones below (outdoors mostly direct sunlight) I have to say that the shimmer - or is it microglitter (I can often not tell these apart...) - shows best in flashlight. In real life I found it sparklier outdoors. I mean I usually don't have a flash pointed at my nails all day long...
Isn't this a pretty anthracite polish? I do like dark nailpolish a lot, but I sometimes have the problem that the contrast to my skin is too much and end up not liking/wearing them, but this one I do like a lot!

For the flower accents on my thumb and ringfinger I found inspiration in the garden and it so happened that one (or two) of my new polishes made a perfect match. I used s-he stylezone - 030 and a dotting tool to create the flowers and added a dot of 181 to the center.

Here is one last bottle shot (030) taken indoors with a flash. This metallic antique pink reflects so much light it is hard to see the colour of this rosy polish.
As you can probably tell I am very pleased with my picks.

I hope you like them too! Are you a fan of dark nail polish, or do you prefer the pastels and neutrals? Or are you like me and love a bit of everything depending on your current mood?

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  1. I like dark polishes and if it has a hint of shimmer, than even better! I love that you painted some quite little flowers on this mani, it draws the attention on the dark base! I don't own many S-he polishes, but the ones I have I know that the quality of them is fantastic!

    1. I didn't have that many s-he stylezone polishes either, but really loved the ones I own so it was easy to buy a bunch more! :-D They work pretty well, have good coverage and stunning colours. What more do you want from a drugstore polish brand?
      Glad you like the mani!
      xo, Pia

  2. I have to agree with Andrea, this polish is so pretty with its shimmer. I love the flowers you created too, it looks great with the sweet flowers :) xx

    1. Thank you so much Ithi! I really love how these colours look together!


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