Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

Catrice - Holo My Hand

Hello Loves!

You almost made it through this week! Today I want to show you one of my new polishes I bought while I was in Austria. (See the full Salzburg haul here.) This is catrice LE holographic - Holo My Hand (C15).
Holo My Hand is a light blue holographic polish that shimmers in all colours of the rainbow when it's under any kind of light, but mostly you see a pinkish purple and green. This polish has an excellent formula that spreads evenly and applies smoothly. For full opacity you need two coats.
Unfortunately I got a few bubbles on my ringfinger, but they are hardly visible in the pictures. Sadly so is the gorgeous holographic shimmer. It almost looks like it has a foil finish in these pictures taken indoors with a flash and without any topcoat.
In sunlight it even seems to be dull and blunt. I really don't like it in these pictures, but in real life it truly looks amazing.

I decided to add some topcoat and take some more pictures to see if that makes any difference on camera, but it barely does.
To cover up those little bubbles and add a bit of contrast to my nails I made some polkadots on my ringfinger using Misslyn satin melat nail polish - edgy (11F). It is a fantastic iridescent dark grey to black glitter that I have to try on its own soon.

I love how it sparkles. It is a wonderful match for Holo My Hand. These two go so well together.
How do you like this light blue holo? Do you have any tips on tow to photograph holo polishes properly? I always end up with pictures that don't do the actual polish any justice.

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