Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2015

Dotted Gradient & Ombre Top Coat

Hello Lovelies!

I am back from Austria and I bought new polishes! I will show them to you in a few days when I had a chance to take some pictures. Today I want to show you another gradient manicure wich I totally love lately, but this time it is not a sponged gradient but a dotted one.
As my base for this manicure I used p2 - sashimi ship and added these other p2 shades.
before sunrise - lovely madness - dress + go!
First I made some dots with the larger side of my dotting tool concentrating in the tip area of the nail and then used the smaller side to make little dots and let them fade out going farther down. This creates the gradient and is really easy.
Make sure to let each colour dry a little before applying the next. You want to overlap the dots and they should not get all mixed up.

To blend all my colours together perfectly I added a layer of Seche Vite. I love how glossy the manicure looks now.

I then added the Ombre Top Coat by catrice. But it did not work as well as I was hoping. The colours I used for this manicure are to dark to see the effect properly. If you look closely there is a difference between my thumb (where I did not use the topcoat) and my pinkie (with four layers of the top coat). My pinkie is darker. This is manily visible on the rosy dots of lovely madness.
This topcoat actually is a cool way to do an ombre manicure, but you have to use pastel colours in order for it to show the best results.
Left: indoors with a flash. - Right: outdoors in natural light, no flash.

In my opinion this is a fun and super easy way to make gradient nails and it is a good alternative to a sponged manicure especially for shorter nails where sponging can be quite messy.

I hope you like this manicure! Have you ever done a dotted gradient?

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