Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Strawberries & Maybelline - Red Seduction

Hello Sweeties! 

After doing the Cherry Manicure this weekend I decided to go with another of my favourite fruits and do a Strawberry Manicure. Unfortunately we already ate all the delicious berries and I had none left to take pictures with, but I still like this manicure a lot for summer!
Before we get started let me show you a few swatches of the main colour I used for this manicure. This is Maybelline Express Finish - Red Seduction (530).
Red Seduction is a creamy luscious red polish with a smooth texture, that is easy to apply and has almost perfect coverage with one coat. Just to make sure it looks right in the pictures I used two coats, wich even intesified the colour. It is a deep red, that truly looks amazing. It goes well with my skintone and I guess it will go well with any type of skin. 
For these swatches I did not use a topcoat and see how glossy it is! I love a polish with a great shine. And it dries pretty fast too. I can not say that it was exactly 40 seconds as displayed on the bottle, but it was very quick wich was perfect for the manicure I had in mind. And futhermore the name of this polish was also perfect to go with todays mani. Aren't Strawberries one of the most seductive fruits ever? I mean even thinking about them right now makes me smell that yummie goodness and my mouth water! :-D
But enough of that, or I'll get hungry again... 
First let me show you all the polishes I've used. 
Next to Red Seduction I've used Maybelline - Cherry (I'm holding that bottle in my hand in the very first picture!) to create the perfect Strawberry. I sponged it on mainly to the tip of my nails to create a more natural look. There is no fruit with only one shade of red, right? 
Then I used a dottingtool and made the strawberry leaves. I used Wet 'n Wild - French White Creme as a base and then went in again with s-he stylezone - 310 and a bit of 315.
For the dots I used Wet 'n Wild - Black Creme mixed with a tiny bit of French White Creme, p2 - start me up and the two greens. I put a drop of all these colours on a piece of paper and randomly dabbed in my dotting tool to get a slightly different mixture every time. I think this is a great way to get the most natural look possibly.

Last but not least I sealed my manicure in with Seche Vite, wich brings the colours together and to life. Without topcoating a mani like this it looks kind of unfinished and also your hard work could so easily be ruined.
I hope you like my little Strawberries and have a wonderful summery week ahead of you!

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  1. How fun is this nail art? I like the final result!

  2. This looks super cute! I really love the nail art! I'm so sorry I am behind on commenting on your blog, I am trying to catch up with all your wonderful posts! :) xx

    1. Don't worry about that! I'm glad you like my summery Strawberries!
      xo, Pia


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