Montag, 13. Juli 2015

Water Decals - First Attempt

Hello Lovelies!

I still am in Salzburg visiting my mum and hope everything works well with my scheduled posts. Today I want to show you my first attempt in using water decals. I have ordered a bunch of them online a while back and they finally arrived. I did this manicure on Friday and wore it to my mum and aunts birthday brunch on Saturday.

I chose this pattern that reminds me a bit of a rainbow water marble. The instructions on the back are actually quite easy to follow, but I still messed up one or two nails because I forgot to wet my nail too and couldn't move the decal around anymore. I got a few wrinkles on these nails, but the topcoat leveled them out well.

The package says to paint your nails in a background colour and I chose this p2 coral polish by the name dress + go!. That may have been a mistake, because the lighter colours are really hard to tell apart due to it, but I will know for next time to use a white or nude background.

First you cut out the decal, remove the plastic foil and place it in water for a few seconds. Wet your nail (!) and place it on. Press down. Remove the paper, trim off the excess, soak away water with a paper towel and use a top coat to seal it in. The instruction says to use a blowdryer to dry the decal, but I just let it dry like I usually would. Give it a few minutes. I did smudge my first nail a little bit, but it was not too bad.
And now I will show you how it looks like: Tadaaaah!

As you can see here the original pattern was way more colourful and the coral polish swallowed some of it up, but I still like it a lot!

See my pinkie, I removed some of the decal by using too many brushstrokes with my topcoat. Beginners mistake. I did not know they were that fagile. I'll do better next time!

How do you like these colourful decals? Have you ever used water decals yourself?
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Have a great week and enjoy the summer!

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  1. I hope you are having a lovely time with your Mum and Aunt :) You did an excellent job with these! I love the pattern you chose, rainbow marble indeed! You said it was your first time using water decals - you look like a natural! :D It certainly gets easier the more you do it too but I think yours look fabulous, can't wait to see more! xx

    1. Thank you so much Ithi! I had a lovely time in Austria, but I too am happy to be back home.
      I still have many different patterns of decals to try so you will definitely be seeing more!
      xo, Pia


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