Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Little Haul & Swatches

Hello Loves!

As I told you in my previous post I bought these polishes a couple of weeks ago and totally forgot to blog about it. You have seen some of them used in my recent manicures others not yet.
I got four new p2 polishes, three of them are from my all time favourite Color Victim Line:

start me up (625) - running hot (629) - watch me walking (626) 
and one is from the culture spirit LE:
indigo (030).

p2 is an Austrian brand also sold in german drugstores. The polishes - especially from the Color Victim Line - are fantastic! 8mL sell for €1,55 only and in my opinion they have really good quality. They don't have a huge selection of colours available at once, but they regularly bring out new shades and change their range in stores.
p2 also brings out LEs on a regular basis. I never get bored with them! :-D (Take a look at my growing p2 collection!)
The last polish I got is from the essence nauti girl LE:
AHOY, BOY! (01).

And here are the first swatches I did with these polishes. I sometimes do this on displays, but this time I decided to apply these five polishes right to my nails, wich makes it easier to get a feeling for the texture and opacity.
Start me up and running hot both are jelly polishes. I applied four layers each at wich point the orange running hot reached opacity. Its yellow counterpart still showed the natural nail and I decided that I was done trying to buildt it up and that I would layer it over a light base next time I use it!
Watch me walking is a crelly polish and needed three coats for full opacity. Read all the details in my previous blogpost!
The other two polishes are cremes and had perfect coverage in two coats.
I will link back to this page once I have done full swatches and reviews. As I said before I have already used some of these polishes in my manicures. Take a look below!
This is my Flamethrower mani in wich I've used two of my newbies! Can you guess wich? :-)
And as seen earlier on the blog here is watch me walking:
I am happy with my purchase. These are all great colours that are fun to wear and work with.

Wich one is your favourite here?

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