Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015

kiko 240 - Apple Red & Mickey Mouse Manicure

Hello Loves!

Last week my fianceés niece had her fourth Birthday and I was the designated photographer for the party. First I wanted to do a colourful rainbow water decal manicure for the occasion, but it went all wrong and I had to start over and come up with something new. (I will show you my big fail a bit later.) After twisting my mind for a while and browsing the web I came up with the idea to this Mickey Mouse manicure that was inspired by several pinterest pins.
As a base for my red nails I used kiko - Red Apple (240) wich is a fantastic polish. It is opaque in two coats, dries quickly and applies smoothly. For my white nails I used cartice - Get Boho In SoHo, wich I will show you with my rainbow water decal fail. (Both of these polishes are from my huge Salzburg haul.)
On my index- and pinkiefinger I used NYX - White to make polkadots. Sadly I got some streakes on the indexfinger, but I guess it lookes still okay. On my ringfinger I used a dotting tool and a nail art brush to create the large Mickey Mouse head shape in the corner with s-he stylezone -296.
I then added some black rhinestones to the upper part of that nail to make a small Mickey head and did the same by using different sized clear rhinestones on my middlefinger. My thumb was a bit more tricky, but I managed to draw a decent Minnie Mouse bow. My niece liked it, but she was so busy playing with her friends and opening her presents she didn't really care... :-D But I know what I did and I know you are going to acknowledge my hard work!
So I hope you like my girlie Birthday manicure!

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  1. This design is perfect for a child's birthday party! I am sorry that you're niece didn't cared about this beauty. I especially like your thumb, the bow came out great!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! I knew I'd get some appreciation around here! ;-)
      xo, Pia


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