Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

Nail Care Routine & Pampering

Hello Lovelies!

On Sundays we relax and pamper ourselves! I wanted to show you my nail care routine for a while now and thought that today finally is the day. I combined this with a special treatment I only use once every few weeks, because it is time consuming, but you could sure do this whenever you feel like it! When I don't have that much time on my hands, I skip the soaking and  groom my nails after showering or doing the dishes.
First prepare a bowl where you can fit both of your hands in comfortably, salt, a lemon and some olive oil. Then remove any nailpolish from your nails, file them and briefly wash your hands. Now fill the bowl with warm water (2/3rds your hands have to go in too!) to your liking. I use quite hot water in winter and colder one in summer. Add two teaspoons of salt, squeeze half a lemon and pour in the juice and add some olive oil (2-3 talbespoons).

Then get comfortable in front of the TV, watch your favourite TV show and soak your hands for about an hour. (Longer or shorter if you prefer! You can't go wrong!)
At first this feels a bit slippery, but the oil will moisturize your cuticles and your hands wonderfully. The lemon helps to clean up any left over polish and residue underneath your nails and also helps with stained nails. What the salt does I really can't tell you, maybe it helps to peel off old skin? Don't know - don't care! I just love this combination of ingredients.
Once you're done, dry your hands with an old towel. Preferably not too soft to give you a little peeling! Then take a cuticle pusher and carefully push back that excess skin on your nails. With the sharper one you can scrub away any leftovers and don't forget to go underneath your nails to get them really clean. If necessary you can cut off excess skin with a cuticle clipper, but I would only recommend this to experienced people. You can so easily hurt yourself with those! 
Now it is time to rub in your favourite cuticle oil and give your nails a good massage. It is best to do this at night and leave it on over night, but anything would work.
My favourite cuticle oil is from alverde. It is a german brand that sells natural cosmetics. This oil smells so good. It has apricot kernel oil in it and also sea buckthorn extract that gives extra shine,
Left: before. Right: After.
Due to the soaking your skin shrinks a little bit and your nails appear a tad longer.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are now ready to treat yourself to a relaxing nail and hand bath! Happy Sunday!


  1. This is a great post :D Thankyou for sharing your routine with us. I am actually quite similar with my nail care, I recently began to use olive oil too and will never look back. I will certainly have to try and add the other ingredients you mentioned for extra benefits :D xx

    1. Olive oil is wonderful for the skin and nails! I use it for my face too when it is cold and I get really dry skin. That helps a lot! You have to get used to the smell though... :-D
      xo, Pia


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