Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

July 4th Manicures pt.2

Hello Sweeties!

Here I am with my second 4th of July manicure for the day. A French Star Tips Manicure. Let me show you how I did it.

You could just do a regular stamping, but I find it hard to place the tips straight on from the stamper. They always look crooked and uneven and don't line up with my nail line. So I decided to make some decals indtead. Therefore you need to let the image dry on your stamper for a minute or two and then apply a thin layer of topcoat to your stapmer. I find that a more liquid topcoat is best for this step in order to make the decal really thin. I would not recomment using a thicker one like Seche Vite.
Once that is dry after 30 minutes to an hour, you can carefully peel it off. I found that the flat side of an orange stick helps with that. I gently press the stamper down on the sides until the polish starts pulling and then use tweezers or my fingers to pull it off. Then you need to cut off the excess of topcoat.
 Before pulling the decal off, paint your nails and let them dry. They should still be a bit tacky to make the decals stick, but not too much so cou can replace and move them if necessary.
To finish your nails remove the rest of the decals. You can press it down with your nails on the sidewalls or use an orange stick for that, until it breaks and comes off. For the tip I usually just pull down the overlap until it comes off (be gentle or it will move on your nail!). And then I use an acetone soaked clean up brush to remove what is left. Use topcoat to seal it in.
I did my ringfinger first and used essie - Avenue Maintain for stamping, but it was to light on my nails so I switched to essie - mezmerised. I like the darker blue better, but lets just say the ringfinger is a light blue accent... :-D 

Since I always like my manicures a bit sparkly, I added china glaze - Techno to the white parts of my nails.

You may now say, that this manicure is missing the red to be perfect for 4th of July, but I know that not everyone likes red polish and also stripes, so I thought this would be a good alternative.
I hope you like it!

What are you going to wear on your nails tomorrow?

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