Freitag, 31. Juli 2015

Ouch! I Broke A Nail

Hello Sweeties!

This is my second post for the day. It is a rather quick one just to let you know what just happend. I broke my nail. BADLY! I was folding down the ironing board to store it and then I felt my nail breaking. I almost ripped it off completely.

I had to cut it off immediately to avoid any damage to my nail bed. Even though I was lucky enough not to break the nail further down and hurting myself real bad it is so strange to look at that short nail. It is more of a psychological pain I guess... I am just glad it is not my 'swatching hand'.
My fingertip feels a little tingely and extremely sensitive. It's weird! And all that just two days before my vacation starts. Unbelievable!

The manicure I'm wearing in these pictures will be on the blog on Sunday.


  1. Oh no, It's awful when this happens! I hope that it will grow back fast for you. I always find OPI Nail Envy stops me getting too many breakages. Or I think it is that. I am looking forward to seeing the manicure you are wearing! I hope you will have a great vacation! <3 xx

    1. Thank you Ithi! I'm very much looking forward to this vacation. Only a few more hours! 😁
      I hate it too when a nail rips off like that. I usually have quite strong nails. This was an accident. Thanks for the tip though! I will have to try that. Any tips on how the nail grows faster? It will take me at least 3-4 weeks to grow back this length if not longer... đŸ˜«
      xo, Pia


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