Freitag, 10. Juli 2015

p2 - Color Victim - sashimi ship

Hello Beauties!

It is Friday already - Yay! Today I want to show you another colour from my p2 Color Victim Collection. This is sashimi ship (980)
I was not sure if I'd like the colour on my nails, but as it turns out I love it! Sashimi ship is a wonderful summery coral colour, that reminds me a bit of shrimps. And I think it looks fabulous on shorter nails.

Also the formula is fantastic. It is very easy to spread and applies smoothly. You could get away with using only one coat, because this polish is highly pigmented, but I used two just to make sure the pictures look perfect too. And it is so glossy! Do you see the reflections on the nails? Especially in the sunlight pictures below it looks great.

The picture with the white background was taken in natural light without a flash and you can see the landscape behind me. There are tall trees at the end of the garden. Oh, how I love that shine...
p2 polishes are fantastic! They are very inexpensive, have a wonderful formula and a seasonal colour selection. Can you tell I am a huge fan?

Have you ever tried p2 polishes? And how so you like sashimi ship?

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