Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Green Glitter Gradient

Hello Beauties!

Happy Sunday! Sorry for my absence yesterday. There was just so much to do after a week of being sick, that I didn't have time to write a blogpost. Today I have to show you a beautiful fall manicure that I first intended to wear as an accent nail only but ended up doing on all my nails.

The green polish I used as a base is 210 from trend IT UP. It is from the same line as the apricot polish I swatched for you a few days ago. See the post here. And yes it is very smelly too! I really love the green colour with a hint of blue, but I guess I will not be using it anymore. I can not stand the smell.
It was however the perfect base to create a glitter gradient on. First I added a little bit of Holographic Pearls and then went over it with p2 - start wild!.
I really loved the look of this combination a lot and felt like doing a full glitter manicure.

And here is the result. It reminds me a bit of Christmas with all that sparkle, but I think it also looks great for fall.

I wish you all a happy Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care!

Hope you like this glitter gradient. Would you wear it in autumn?

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  1. Great job on your blog. Im a new follower. Check out my new post

  2. It's green and it's sparkly...what to wish for more? It looks fancy and elegant and it don't reminds me of Christmas, but I would definitely were it anytime! Have a great day and week dear!

  3. It's wonderful! For me it also reminds me of christmas a bit :)

  4. Such a beautiful glitter and lovely for fall! I love it so much when a glitter is so pretty you end up putting them on all the nails! I hope you have managed to catch up with things now you are better <3


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