Freitag, 18. September 2015

Revlon - Holographic Pearls

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Friday! We made it through the week! Today I want to show you Revlon - Holographic Pearls (765) that I finally got after searching for it for ages!
Ever since I saw pictures of it online I knew I had to have it. I went into the city and looked everywhere, but couldn't find a single bottle of Revlon polish. Then I looked online. Maybe I could order it via Amazon. That would have been possible, but I wasn't willing to pay €40.- plus shipping for one bottle of nailpolish. When we went to Berlin on vacation I was looking in every store that sold nailpolish and couldn't find anything. Finally a nice sales assistant told me that Revlon is no longer selling in Germany, because of some distribution problems. Wow, had I known that earlier on... Well, I still would have visited all those stores I guess! :-D (check out my Berlin Haul).
A few weeks back my future sister in law went on a business trip to the USA and I asked her if she could maybe get me a bottle of Holographic Pearls. And guess what - SHE DID! She even bought me two bottles!
And finally I can show you swatches of this beauty. I have already used it is an accent in my Aloha shirt manicure, but here are some more details for you. Holographic pearls is a glitter top coat with a transforming effect. It has a clear base packed with tiny iridescent glitter particles that shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow. One layer is enough to cover your entire nail with glitter and make it look stunning.
For this manicure I started to paint my nails in black and white. I then added one layer of Holographic Pearls to my black ringfinger and two layers to my white middle finger. Look how gorgeous the sparkle in the sun!
On my pinkie and indexfinger I added some polkadots and filled them on with the glitter too. I really love the glitter density in this topper. You only need a very small amount of polish to get great results.

On my thumb I decided to stamp on two red roses with my Born Pretty Store stamping polish to add just a hint of colour. I forgot to write down wich plate I used, but I think that's not the most important thing here.
You may have guessed it: I LOVE THIS POLISH! It is so pretty and I reached for it so often ever since I got it.

How do you like this sparkling glitter? Do you own it too?

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  1. Hey nice design!... loved the holo :)

  2. The red stamped flowers on the thumb was a fantastic idea. It is a touch of colour on the black and white combo. I like it very much!


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