Montag, 14. September 2015

Animal Print Series - Zebra or Tiger on Rainbow Gradient

Hello Beauties!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you do anything special? I really had a great weekend. We had lots of sunshine and I spent some time with family and took long walks. And of cours I painted my nails and had my SD card reader fixed! So tomorrow you are going to see a more recent manicure. Today I am going to show you another one from a while back. I decided to go with this colourful manicure:
Do you remember the gradient I did for Christopher Street Day in Munich in July? Check it out here. I used it to create a fun and summery animal print pattern on top of it with some black and white nailpolish and a fine nail art brush.
Is that more like a Zebra or a Tiger? I couldn't tell. I am however pretty happy with the outcome. I think the black and white stripes help the colours to stand out even better. I also love the sparkles from china glaze - Fairy Dust shining through.
To give this manicure an even more natural look I added a matte top coat. Or have you ever seen a glossy tiger? ;-) Unfortunately I was a bit too quick with this step and smudged my black polish a little bit. But I don't think it's too bad.
What do you think ot this manicure? Do you like the combination of animal print and the colourful rainbow gradient?

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  1. I like animal print on nails and with this colorful base it looks edgy and fun! I usually like better matte finish but this time the glossy one is my favorite one!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I usually prefer glossy finish, but here I love the matte with the sparkling glitter shimmering through. Too bad I smudged the design a little...
      xo, Pia

    2. The smudging is not so visible! Maybe someday you will add to your blog DISQUS comment bar. You're readers would not miss any conversation because all answers to the comment will go straight in the mail box. I personally like it better. This is just an opinion :)

    3. Ok, thanks for the suggestion! I'll think about it!


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