Montag, 7. September 2015

flormar Genius Glitter - Roll the Wheel

Hello Everyone!

This afternoon I am going to show you another flormar polish from my recent Shopping Spree. This is Roll The Wheel (GG03) from their Genius Glitter line.
Alice from Nail Art in Wonderland told me that she had some experience with flormar polishes since it is a turkish brand and she lives and blogs from Turkey. Alice mentioned that the glitter polishes are a real pain in the a** when it comes to removal and boy was she right! It took me forever to get that glitter off and even though I washed my hands multiple times there was still glitter around my cuticles for at least a day. Stubborn little things...
Anyway leths talk about the polish itself. It was super easy to apply and had a lovely formula. With two coats it was opaque, but it has a sand finish. I am not really a fan of textured polishes so I applied two layers of topcoat to try and even that out. You still could feel the gritty texture, but it was okay for me to wear it.
Especially because I do like the colour a lot. Roll the Wheel has a mintgreen base packed with silver and turquoise mini hexes. It is quite shimmery and sparkly. I love it!

To add some details I used my stamper and made some rose decals, that I filled in with different reds and a few pearly accents as well as green for the leaves. Once they were dry I placed them on my thumb and ringfinger and sealed them in. Now with three coats of top coat my nails finally were even, but I still didn't do it for my other nails.

I think these accents are super cute and I already painted a few more roses to use when I need to spice up a simple manicure in no time. I keep them stored in plastic foil so they won't dry out completely and break.

How do you like this glitter polish? Do you like my little rose accents?

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  1. I didn't knew about the Genius Glitter collection, it is a very nice polish indeed! But I have to mention that I like more your rose decal. It came out perfect!

    1. Me too! I think they are super cute and a spectacular and simple accent
      Thanks Andrea!


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