Sonntag, 6. September 2015

flormar nail enamel - Blackstar Red

Happy Sunday Beauties!

How are you today? Is it still hot where you're at or is it getting colder like here in Munich? Today I want to show you an autumn manicure. A few days ago I showed you my tribal accent nail in combination with claire's - Splash. This lookes very summery but I wanted to try a different look and went with one of my new flormar polishes: Blackstar Red (352).
Blackstar red is a deep auburn creme polish that is just perfect for the upcoming season. I love how beautiful this red with the brown touch looks and I love, that it looks good on me. What do you think? 
Also Blackstar Red has an amazing formula and is almost opaque in one single coat, but just to make sure everything is picture perfect I used two coats for this manicure. And look how shiny and glossy it is without a topcoat. Fantastic! This polish didn't require any cleanup and spread evenly. 
As you can see there is also a bit of red in my tribal accent nail. I did use the same polish, but only applied it once so it looks more red than on my other nails. I still think this colour goes perfectly with the homemade decal.
How do you like this combo? Are you ready for autumn yet or yould you prefer to see some more summer manicures? Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Pia! :) I guess we are like you in Holland, its certainly got colder but we are having storms quite often. Then sunshine. Then rain. Then sunshine again. It makes outfit planning very difficult, hehe. I love this manicure, I love the colours you used, so colourful! Ithink you did an amazing job. <3 Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

    1. Thanks so much Ithi! I am quite happy with my design.
      Yeah, I know the weather in Holland - it is unforseeable and constantly changing, but at least it doesn't rain all day long like it does here. We spent out summer vacation 2014 in a house in the Zeeland region. Unfortunately last year the summer was so crappy, but I still liked it a lot.
      I've also been to Amsterdam multiple times and also Rotterdam, Zeist, Arnheim... So many gorgeous places to visit up there!

      xo, Pia

  2. Love the abstract looking tribal accent nail and the Flormar shade is perfect for this period of time!

    1. It's a wonderful autumnal colour. I will be wearing it again! Glad you like the tribal!


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