Montag, 21. September 2015

trend IT UP - Double Volume & Shine 050

Hello Lovelies!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one. Today I want to share with you a polish I bought in Berlin. This is trend IT UP Double Volume & Shine - 050. (I also did a little nail art on it so scrol down all the way! ;-D)
050 is a light salmon creme polish with a peachy untertone and a beautiful subtle shimmer that is best visible in direct sunlight, under a flash or any other direct lighting. See the little sparkles in the upper corner of the bottle?
I have tried polishes from the Holo Dimension line of this new brand, but this was my first from the Double Volume & Shine line. I really love this colour and I think it is perfect for autumn, but I am not sure I will ever use it again. This polish stinks! I have smelt a lot of nailpolish and even some with a very "heavy" odour, but this one tops it all. It doesn't have the typical polish smell. It is somehow sweet and tangy - the most repellent stench I've ever smelt in a polish.

The formula is okay. It is a bit on the thinner side, but not too runny. You have to be careful though with the amount of polish you put on your brush. The brush is quite thick and dense and also has some kind of reservoir at the top, where a drop of polish gets cought and runs down the brush when you apply it to your nail. You have to press that out first of your cuticles will be flooded.
I used three coats of 050 to get full coverage.It does take quite some time to dry so I had some trouble with my final coat. It was a bit streaky at the edges. The polish dries to a very glossy finish. But that was to be expected due to the name of the line - Double Volume & Shine. However I wouldn't say thet this polish was extra voluminous. At least not more than any other polish that needs three coats to be opaque.

I then stamped on a purple flower design using Double Volume & Shine 270 and the plate below (B87). (I have to use that Hello Kitty design someday!)
I was not quite happy with how that turned out and the polish was smelly even after it dried. I knew I'd take it off immediately so I decided to try out something different and layered one coat of kiko - Pearly Red (492) over it to add some colour and sparkle.
I didn't do a great job painting the colour on evenly but I still like the result very much with the design shining through the sparkly polish. 
How do you like todays manicure? Have you ever dealt with a polish that had an unbearable smell?

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  1. I love, love, coral/salmon shade polishes and I like it with the stamping on it. It looks elegant and pretty!
    I hate when polishes smell very bad, I usually don't use them twice and I simply through them away, even if I like the color of them!

    1. I'll probably not be using this one again, even though it really is a lovely shade. Too bad it's been so long since I bought it. Otherwise I would have returned it to the store...

  2. beautiful designs ;)
    i dont collect nail polish that smell bad.just put it into bin :( after one using

    1. Will probably do that too! Glad you like the design!


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