Samstag, 12. September 2015

Manhattan Lotus Effect - 96G & Nail Art Stickers French

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Saturday! Since my SD slot is still not working I am showing you another older manicure today. I am not that happy with the result, but I really like the idea in general so here we go. I used some Nail Art stickers to create the final look, but first let me show you the polish on its own.

This is Manhattan Lotus Effect - 96G. I don't like polishes without names, but what can I do? :-) 96G is a pearly champagne creme polish with a hint of gold and a metallic finish. It applied smoothly and without too many visible brushstrokes, but took a while to dry. The formula is good and almost opaque with two coats depending on the light.
Since I was planning on applying some stickers that was good enough.

Here are the stickers I've used for this manicure. They are from a brand called Medis Sun Glow and I bought them about a year ago via Amazon. This was before I started my blog and I just dicsovered my love for nail art. I thought this was an easy way to get some glamour on.
And it is true, but I still like stamping more! You can play around with colour and different motives. For beginneres these stickers are highly recommendable.
I do like the design I used, but I was too imprecise in the execution. I dislike my Pointerfinger, the others are okay. The lace pattern is pretty cute.

How do you like this manicure? Do you use nail art stickers for your manicures?

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  1. Such a beautiful gold polish! I really like the stickers, but I know what you mean. You love the concept of of a manicure and you love the colour combo..but you still feel like something is just not quite right? I get that alot! But I really do love this. I hope you manage to fix your SD Slot, I know it can be so annoying. <3 xx

    1. Dear Ithi, I knew you'd understand you were just talking about the same thing a few days ago with one of your manicures. I totally loved it and yet you struggled with posting it.
      My SD slot is up and running again. Apparently it was some dust sitting in there and blocking the contacts...

  2. I like the gold polish in combination with these elegant looking stickers! I was against nail stickers a while back and now because of the versatile and beautiful designs that I can find I changed my mind and love to use them!

    1. They are great if you are in a hurry. And you are right, there are so many different designs nowadays.


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