Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

Berlin Shopping Spree - Day 3

Hello Beauties!

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to show you the final part of my Berlin Shopping Spree - Day 3. Check out the first two parts here: Day 1 & Day 2.
I want to start with the claire's polishes. They still had the same deal that I mentioned in my previous post (link above): Buy 3 Pay 2. And additionally all polishes were on sale for only 2€. The green one on the left was even down to 1€.
Cloud - Pastel Neons - Magical Unicorn - Velour - Disco Ball - Splash - Mirror Green

Next up are some new kiko polishes:
Violet Microglitter (255) - Vino Perlato (493) - Pearly Red (492)

I also got these two beauties from p2:
good deal (619) - high five (628)

My favourite drugstore is called dm. dm is short for Drogerie Markt wich means drugstore. Simple name huh? :-D They recently launched the new trend it up line (info in the link in German, but still some gorgeous pics!). I bought one Holo Dimension and three Double Volume & Shine polishes. Sadly they don't have names...
040 - 050 - 270 - 210

I also bought some more flormar polishes. I simply had to go back to the store since we don't have one in Munich and I didn't know when I'll get the chance to lay my hands on them again.
395 -236 - Violet Primrose (415) - 391

Candy Apple (SC01) - Sweet Grape (SC07) - Blueberry Gummy (SC02) -
 072 - Atomic Bomb (GG06)

I am so pleased with all my purchases. What would you want me to try first?

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