Mittwoch, 16. September 2015

kiko - Dark Carmine Red & Aloha Shirt

Hello Sweeties!

I hope you are allright and had a good week so far. Today I want to show you another summer themed manicure that I wore last weekend. It was so warm here I totally felt like it and today it is going to be a sunny day too so I am posting this manicure that reminds me of an Hawaiian shirt.

The base colour I used for this manicure is kiko - Dark Carmine Red (287), a deep, luscious magenta creme polish. In some lighting it looks like a pinkish red, in other more like a dark pink. I would say it is something in between. There is also a little bit of shimmer in this polish. It doesn't sit on top like a pearl finish, but is embedded into the polish like microglitter.
The formula of Dark Carmine Red is excellent. With two coats it is perfectly opaque and it applies smoothly. I didn't do any clean up at this point in my manicure and as you can see there is only a little bit of staining on the sidewall of my ringfinger, no running, pooling or smudging. On its own DCR has a slightly glossy finish, but I would use a topcoat to make it even glossier, because I personally prefer that.
Once that was completely dry I added a layer of Revlon - Holographic Pearls (765) to my ring- and middlefinger. I will tell you a bit more about this polish in one of my next posts. Only so much: It was an odyssey for me to get it!
I then stamped on some hibiscus flowers from my DER-31 plate with white stamping polish. (Check out what's on this plate in my beautiful Purple Gradient with Pansies manicure.)
Initially I only wanted to do my pinkie, but it looked so gorgeous on the magenta base colour, that I had to go on and even add little flower accents to my glitter nails. I am 100% in love with this manicure!
I hope you like it too! Look how sparkly that glitter is! I can not stop looking at these pictures...

Are you a fan of flower nails? How do you like this combination?

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  1. It looks so elegant and pretty. Love that you added a little bit of sparkle to this one!

    1. Thanks dear! When I started painting my nails I had something completely different in mind, but I like it a lot the way it turned out. Sometimes you have to just follow where the manicure takes you! ;-)

  2. Kiko red is amazing ! i love the way you stamped your nails with holo shimmer


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