Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015

Saran Wrap

Hello Loves!

Today I want to show you a Saran Wrap manicure. This is actually my first attempt and I wanted to try out different techniques. Lets get started!
I used the manicure I had on yesterday and had two completely dry coats of 2k beauty Mauve on all my nails except the ringfinger. To my pinkie and middlefinger I added a generous layer of OPI - Schnapps Out Of It! and immediately dabbed on it with a wrinkled piece of plastic bag to take off some of the second colour.
On my thumb and indexfinger I used a different technique. I poured a bit of polish out and dabbed the plastic ball in. I then dabbed it on plastic a few times until there was only a little polish left before I added the secondary colour to my nails.
Can you see the difference? On my pointer the Mauve colour is way more present then on the middlefinger. It looks more like a marble stone. 
I covered my ringfinger with two layers of Schnapps Out Of It! and let that dry well. Using the second saran wrap technique I addeed Misslyn - lilac poison to this nail.
As a final touch and for some sparkle I dabbed on a little bit of lilac poison to my other nails befor I added topcoat to smooth everything out.
The original saran wrap technique is to remove the secondary polish from your nails, but I like the other one better. You have more control of how much polish you will add and you can use more colours if you wish. So I will definitely be giving this another try, because this combo didn't really sweep me off my feet.
Maybe it will also work better with a more rigid plastic than the bag. I will use a cellophane foil next time.

How do you like it? Have you ever done a Saran Wrap?

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  1. Gorgeous, I really love the colours you chose, it is really pretty with the shimmer :) I really like this technique! :)

    1. My favourite part is also the purple shimmer! Thank you
      xo, Pia


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