Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

catrice - LE celtica - LOVEnder

Hello Beauties!

The weekend is amost here. Hand in there! :-) Today I want to show you a polish from catrice LE celtica (winter 13/14). This is LOVEnder (C04).
LOVEnder is a light grey creme polish with a wonderful formula, that was so easy to apply and almost opaque in a single coat. For these swatches I did use two coats though to make sure everything is perfectly covered. 

This is one of those polishes that look really unspectacular at first sight, but once you look closely you will spot a very soft bluish microshimmer. In these pictures it is hard to see, but if you zoom in on the sunlight pictures below you can see it, especially in the bottle shot.

This polish dries really quick and to a very glossy finish. I didn't use a topcoat here! 

As I said before, the pictures don't do this polish any justice. It is quite beautiful and would make a great, sparkly base for nailart. Have to give that a try soon!

How do you like this polish? Do you own any polishes from this LE?

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  1. Ah gorgeous! I've not seen this one in our stores yet but it such a beauty, it looks great on your nails and I can imagine it makes a stunning base for nail art! xx

    1. Thank You Ithfifi! It really is a beautiful colour. The celtica LE was in stores in winter 2013/2014. No wonder you haven't seen it lately! :-D I bought some remnants online and had this one in my box.
      xo, Pia


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