Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

essence - color & go - candy love

Hello Sweeties!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to show you a pretty essence polish by the name candy love (167).
Candy love is a peachy nude creme polish with a touch of silver micro glitter in it. The glitter is really hard to see on the nails, especially in the pictures, but in the bottle you can see it quite well. 
The odd thing is, that the glitter is perfectly visible when you apply the polish and it is still wet. Once it starts to dry you have to take a second or even a third close look to see the sparkles. But that is what makes this polish interesting.

The formula of candy love is excellent. With two coats it was perfectly opaque and application was so easy. I love the flat brush that comes with most essence polishes. It makes everything so much easier.
The polish is not really matte or has a satin finish, but it is not very glossy either. It is pretty hard to describe. In these swatches I used a topcoat but it still isn't super shiny. It is the same thing as with the glitter. The polish seems to somehow absorb the glint and shine. (Hope that makes any sense to you!)
As an accent I added four light green rhinestones to my ringfingers.
Candy love is a great polish to wear on its own or with some extra sparkle on top. It also would make a gorgeous base for nailart. I love the peachy undertone. This makes the polish perfect for summer.

Are you a fan of nude polish? Or do you prefer a hot pink?

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