Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

Galaxy Nails on Transfer Foil

Hello Beauties!

As promised I want to show you what I did with the manicure I showed you this morning. I did a rainbow galaxy manicure on the transfer foil!

Let me show you what I did. First I ripped a tiny piece of makeup sponge out and applied some white and black polish randomly across my nails. Using a dotting tool and a fine nailart brush, I made some white dots and stars.
To make it a bit sparklier I used china glaze - Techno and made sure I only had very few glitter junks randomly spread across my nails. In this stage you can hardly see how badly I messed up my ringfinger with the foil before! :-D if anything it adds more depth to the manicure.

Since I was not perfectly happy with this yet, I used a pearl shine polish on top of my manicure. One coat of Black Only - 244 (#A0361) was enough to give it a more fading and galaxy-like appearance.

As a final touch I added a rhinestone to each nail and sealed it in with top coat. I really love the result! Do you?
I think the stars are a bit huge, but hey, for a first attempt it is not bad at all.
And here is a picture of all the polishes I used. Most of them were shown in my previous post by name if you are interested.
Have you ever done galaxy nails? Do you like them?

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