Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

essence - colour & go - off to miami!

Hello Beauties!

Since this mornings post was so very short I decided to swatch one of the polishes for you right now. You probably guessed that it would be off to miami!. 
Off to miami! is a peachy coral creme polish. It is a great colour for summer. So bright and blithesome. The formula is excellent and applies pretty smoothly. It is almost opaque in one coat, but for these swatches I used two coats just to make sure you can see the colour perfectly. And look how glossy it is even without a topcoat. Amazing!

Although I really love this colour a lot, it was a bit too bright for me today, so I decided to add a little pearl shimmer with Black Only - 244 wich I have already used in my Galaxy Nails.
This still keeps the gorgeous colour alive but adds a little bit of a dull finish as well as a lovely pearl shine, that shimmers in blue and purple.

Once I start playing around with my polishes I am hardly to be stopped so I added a very thin coat of china glaze - Fairy Dust to jazz it up even more. I made sure to wipe off my brush thoroughly, because I didn't want it to be too sparkly.

In the regular pictures the iridescent micro glitter is hardly visible, but in the slightly blurry ones you can see it pretty well.
I am very glad I did the last two steps. I think this looks even better than the plain polish. It simply fits my mood better today. It is a grey day and fairly cold, so I preferred a sparkly manicure to a bright one. Tomorrow that might be totally different!

What do you prefer? The plain bright polish or the shiny, sparkly finish?

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