Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

Nail Art Transfer Foil - Rainbow

Hello everyone!

A few weeks back I ordered some transfer foils and finally the glue arrived too. I decided to use the rainbow foil first. I have watched a ton of videos on youtube on how to apply these foils properly and felt well prepared for my first attempt. 
The steps are quite simple. First paint your nails in a similar colour to your foil just in case a spot won't transfer perfectly. Since my foil is a rainbow that was easier said than done, but as you can see I managed to do a quick gradient. I used b.pretty - lime green and three Maybelline Color Show polishes: Purple Gem, Berry Fusion & Noite De Gal. But you could really use anything that matches the foil.

Then you need to cut out some pieces of foil that you want to put on your nails and apply a thin layer of the foil glue and let it dry until it is completely translucent.
Because this was new for me I did this one nail at a time, wich was okay for the first two nails. But once I got the hang of it, I felt like the glue took forever to dry and went in too soon on my ringfinger. I couldn't remove the foil properly and tore apart some of the polish underneath. It got really messy. I was so busy with covering up the worst part, that I totally forgot to snap pictures of it. 
I then applied a layer of china glaze -  Fairy Dust on top of the rainbow foil. And even though it looks quite messy especially on the ringfinger I liked the outcome a lot. The foil is so shiny and shimmery and the glitter makes it extra sparkly. This kind of reminded me of galaxy nails wich I have always been wanting to do!
So my next step was to try and make this really look like galaxy nailart, but that I will do in another post wich I will be posting in the afternoon. Stop by again!

How do you like my foil gradient? Does it remind you of galaxy nails?

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