Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

Animal Print Series - Tiger

Hello Beauties!

My goal for June is to try out a couple of new manicue techniques or to make a decent manicure out of some I have already tried and failed miserably... :-D So let me introduce you to my new Animal Print Series starting with a Tiger pattern.
This manicure is actually quite simple. You could just do it ontop of a monochrome orange background, but I decided to make it look more like a tiger skin by adding some different colours. 
I started off with some Maybelline base coat and two layers of china glaze - White On White. Using a tiny piece of make -up sponge and some tweezers I dabbed on yellow, orange, two types of brown and a little white. With a fine nailart pencil I added black tiger stripes.

The polishes I used for this mani are Wet 'n Wild - Black Creme, NYX - My Sunshine, Pop Culture and Deep Brown as well as OPI - Get In The Expresso Lane and china glaze - White On White. I Also sealed it in with a generous layer of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
I didn't quite like how the pattern looked on my thumb so I thought I could make a Tiger face out of it, but that didn't turn out so well either. He looks kind of cross-eyed and just weired. I think the green rhinestones I used were too big.
Aside from my thumb I am very happy with this manicure and like the way it turned out.

What do you think? Would you like to see more animal prints on the blog? Let me know!

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