Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Miss Sporty - Oh My Gem! - 004

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to join the Monday Blues and wear a blue polish. It finally is getting warmer and the sun is coming out and I am struggeling with a soar throat and earache. I really would love to go out and enjoy the sun... But she will still be there in a few days, right! (Hopefully.) So now you know why I am feeling blue. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and and can't wait to start this new month!
Todays post is about a polish I bought in Prague about two months ago. This is Miss Sporty - 004 from the Oh My Gem! collection. A sapphire glitter polish with a blue jelly base packed with dark blue microglitter flakies and small hexes in silver and a lighter blue.

The formula is good, but very opaque so I decided to layer this one over a bight blue creme polish namely essence - brit-tea - Have A Beau-Tea-Full Day. I only used one one coat of glitter on top of two layers of the creme polish. The glitter density is quite good. On my thumb I added a second coat of glitter polish just to show you the difference. In my opinion this is too much bling. In this case less is more. (I am not quite sure if this is a common english expression or if I just translated that from German and you really don't usually say that, but it sounds right to me and I think you'll get my point! :-D)
I tried to catch the sparkle that is clearly visible in the bottle on my nails, but it really didn't work well. I even included some blurry shots, wich didn't help either. It was a bit better in real life, but all in all this polish didn't really blow my mind. I might give it another try and layer it over a darker background or try to build it up to opacity on it's own. Because in the bottle it looks very pretty and I would love to see that on my nails.

Have you ever tried this brand? It wasn't familiar to me before I discovered it in a drugstore in the Czech Republic.

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